F-104G 20+87 JG 74 1973

F-104G, construction number 683D-6604, company model 683-10-19, built by FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino)
manufactured by Italian Group (ARGE-Italien); first flight June 12, 1964 at FIAT, Turin-Caselle coded KC+119 in AWX (All Weather Fighter) version
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196"; acceptance date by BABwFIAT September 16, 1964; LwVersRgt 3 at Manching AB on September 18, 1964 for upgrading
JD+233 JG 74 at Neuburg AB delivery date on December 7, 1964
20+87 IRAN at SABCA on May 24, 1968 with 466 flight hours, back to JG 74 on July 10, 1968; JaboG 32 at Lechfeld AB on May 31, 1974
withdrawn from use at LwVersRgt 1 with 1.524 flight hours for spare part use (ETG:Ersatzteilgewinnung); struck off charge order (AVA) December 19, 1974
to LVR 1 (LwVersRgt 1) on July 18, 1978, dump Erding AB 1978; cockpit for Technical University at Munich, the rest was scrapped
cockpit to FUS storage facility WTD 61 at Manching AB on June 17, 1993; empty cockpit shell sold to Deutsche Aerospace Corporate Heritage in 1995
cockpit assembled and completed with help of apprentice shop of DASA at Augsburg in 1997
since then stored at Augsburg and put on display as part of several travelling exhibitions of Airbus Group Corporate Heritage
cockpit and forward fuselage as "DASA Traveling Exhibition" 2003 noted; July 2006 noted; at Berlin May 2016 noted
October 11, 2016 transported to Deutsch-Kanadisches Luftwaffenmuseum (German-Canadian Air Force Museum) Baden-Airpark, Söllingen, on loan from Airbus Group Corporate Heritage
May 2023 last noted.

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