F-104G 24+11 TechnGrp 11 "F-104 Kommando" of LVR 1 at Landsberg AB 1987

RF-104G, construction number 683D-8151, company model 683-04-10, built by Fokker
manufactured by North Group (ARGE-Nord); first flight September 17, 1963 at Fokker-Schiphol coded KG+251
to Avio Diepen September 17, 1963 for RF-104G photoreconnaissance version modifications according project "Bacchus" (for AG 51)
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196"; acceptance date December 10, 1963 by BABwFokker (RNAF-MTA)
EA+239 AG 51 "Immelmann" at Ingolstadt-Manching AB delivery date on February 4, 1964; 1969 AG 51 relocated to Bremgarten AB
24+11 AG 52 on September 25, 1970; at Messerschmitt modified to Fighterbomber version F-104G on June 16, 1971
JaboG 34 on October 27, 1971; ECM test modification at MBB on April 2, 1979
EL-70/EL-73 Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) system was installed in the weapon system in the late 70s with tech order "TA-FL1191"
operated with flightdate and crash recorder LEADS 200 according tech order "TA-1411"; back to JaboG 34 on February 11, 1980
Lizard camouflage scheme "Norm 83" in 1984; TechnGrp 11 "F-104 Kommando" on August 19, 1987
withdrawn from use and stored at LwSchleuse 11 on October 30, 1987 with 3.729 flight hours; struck off charge order (AVA) January 13, 1989
BDRT training aid coded "C039" at Fassberg AB on June 19, 1989; last noted at Fassberg in 1995; scrapped August 2002 at Buchel AB
aircraft was offered for sale via VEBEG and sold in July 2002, in pieces after cut-up by the GAF in 2003
stored in pieces at Schwäbische Bauern und Technik Museum Seiferthofen on July 1, 2003 and last noted October 2005 (tail of 24+38 cn 8181)
in March 2006 it was sold to Steve Alex and brought over to Weeze Apt and stored inside a QRA shelter on March 20, 2006
fuselage of 24+11 has been transported by truck from Weeze to Wernigerode on July 17, 2007
(only the fuselage of 24+11 is planned for the US and prepared for shipment to Bangor, Maine, US (Steve Alex) via sea transport
fuselage, wings and tail stored outside, May 26, 2009 noted; tail at Weeze used for FX52 (August 7, 2007); currently the fuselage can still be found at Werningerode; March 2014 last noted.

Cockpit of 24+11 was saved at JaboG 33 Buchel after the cut-up and prepared as a mobile demonstration cockpit. On April 29, 2008 the cockpit was handed over to the
Museum Flugsicherheit und Rettung e.V., Baden Airpark, Shelter, February 5, 2010 noted; World Of Flight-Museum für Flugsicherheit und Rettung March 2013 last noted, museum closed at the end of 2012
display at HQ building of the TaktLwG 33 Buchel (former JaboG 33) in the "Brauheck" barracks at Cochem (part of TaktLwG 33 Wehrgeschichtliche Sammlung) January 2014 noted; October 2017 last noted.

Taktische Luftwaffengeschwader 33 (TaktLwG 33) Tactical Air Force Wing 33 renamed October 1, 2013

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24+11 RF-104G AG 52 at Soesterberg AB July 1971
@ Rob Martaré