TF-104G 29+15 WaSLw 10 Jever AB

F-104F, construction number 283-5068 model 483-04-08, US serial number 59-5015, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft Cooperation (LAC), Burbank; assembly at Lockheed-Palmdale
first flight 1960 with US serial number "59-5015"; acceptance date by BABwLockheed not known
BB+381 shipped in boxes to Germany September 29, 1960; by train to Messerschmitt-Norvenich for reassembly
Messerschmitt test flight October 22, 1960; acceptance date November 7, 1960 by BABwMTT
WaSLw 10 (OTU Operational Training Unit) delivery date on November 7, 1960 at Norvenich AB in Silver-finish colors
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196" estimated in 1963
aircraft had an accident on May 11, 1964, to Messerschmitt-Augsburg on June 5, 1964 for repair 
transport to Manching on October 28, 1965; back to WaSLw 10 on December 1, 1966
29+15 crashed March 23, 1971 during landing circuits at Jever AB, during the approach
the aircraft rolled out of control due to a broken BLC (boundary layer control) line, both pilots were killed, written off.

After this accident the F-104F was taken out of the service in the Luftwaffe effective April 16, 1971

May 11, 1964 BB+381 hit the approach light on landing on Rwy 29 at Jever AB, 
during the landing the damaged Right Main Gear collapsed and the aircraft skidded off the Rwy to the right and came to stop on the main parking area
the crew was ok. Capt. Camille Goossens (BAF) und StUffz Peter Schraml.

Capt. Camille Goossens also holds the world record of clocking the shortest time between touchdown and parking
landing with one main gear up he couldn't hold the aircraft and plowed through the field to end up on the parking. (Glenn Goossens)

copyright  Eric Tammer