The "Vikings" during the final 5 displays 1986

Though it's existence was pretty short in regards of time - the figures are quite amazing:
Between their maiden show on 14.August 1983 and the final display on 27.September 1986
(the events took place at open houses at Eggebek, the "Vikings" homebase, and Neuburg/Donau, home of the JG 74)
some 6 million spectators were able to enjoy more than 60 displays worldwide.

Of these displays the final five were flown with a colorful paintscheme, symbolizing the colors of Schleswig-Holstein.

When the F-104G Starfighter was put out of operational service with the German Navy, not only the aircraft,
but the "Vikings" as well disappeared from the skies.

copyright  Stefan Petersen

History of the Vikings, the German Navy demonstration team