F-104C "911" George Ruddel's F104C, at George AFB 1960 prior to the "Wiliam Tell " Meeting at Nellis AFB

pilots of the team: Ken Ohman, Captain Warren, Col George Ruddel, unknown, Dave Clardy

F-104C, construction number 183-1199, model 483-04-05, US serial number 56-0911, built by Lockheed
delivery date December 16, 1958 to 479th TFW, 436th TFS crashed on September 20, 1965 after mid-air in approach to DaNang together with 57-0921.
The day that Phil Smith (56-0883) was shot down the squadron sent out some F-104 to search for "Smitty".
However, darkness came upon the two who were returning. It was Harvey Quackenbush (56-0911) and Dale Carlson (57-0921).
Carlson could not fly good night formation, because the maintenance personnel did not replace the burned out navigation lights in the aircraft, both ejected safely.

copyright  David Clardy via Peitzmeier archive