F-104G "13265" (63-13265) 58th Tactical Fighter Training Wing (TFTW) in 1973

F-104G, construction number 683-2093, company model 683-10-19, US serial number 63-13265, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Group USA (ARGE-USA); flight test release May 7, 1962; assembly in Fighterbomber version according contract lot 7
flown with register number "193" for test flights; acceptance date by BABwLockheed not known
coded KF+168 airlifted to Messerschmitt-Manching, Germany September 18, 1962 in a Canadair CL-44D airfreighter of "Flying Tiger Line" with 15 flight hours
reassembled by Messerschmitt, but no test flight and stored; not delivered to the Luftwaffe (GAF)
order for project "Columbus" on November 15, 1962; disassembled again and with code BG+111 airlifted back to USA on January 28, 1963
at Lockheed-Palmdale reassembly and modified according modification status 2220
 in USAF Silver-finish colors to the 4510th CCTW at Luke AFB (German shadow serial number 2080); operated coded 13265
2.577 flight hours in May 1977; long term storage with 3.149 flight hours; struck off charge order (AVA) January 24, 1983; sold to USAF with "Phase I" lot
MAP (Military Assistance Program) to ROCAF 1983 under project "Ali Shan No.8" coded "4381" with 11 Air Group; withdrawn from use March 7, 1994; stored Ching Chuan Kang AB (CCK AB)
displayed in military cemetery at Suao City, Yilan County (Taiwan), blue serial number, 11 AG marks 2000 first noted; February 2022 last noted.

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