F-104N's NASA 011, NASA 012 and NASA 013 over Edwards AFB on October 24, 1963

All three NASA F-104N's flying in formation. Originally assigned the aircraft numbers 011, 012 and 013, they would later be changed to 811, 812 and 813 in 1965.
Piloting the F-104s in this photo are Bruce Peterson in 011, Milt Thompson in 012 and Joe Walker in 013

F-104N construction number 4045, built by Lockheed, registered N811NA
NASA 011 delivered on August 19, 1963 for high speed chase; N811NA flew for the last time in October 1990, after a total of 4.370 flights
on display at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, Arizona, 2020 noted.

F-104N construction number 4053, a F-104G model, built by Lockheed, registered N812NA
NASA 012 [N812NA] delivered delivered as "012" September 30.1963 for high speed chase flights
N812NA flew for the last time in January 1987, after a total of 4.442 flights; struck off US civil register in December 1989
preserved at Palmdale, on loan to Lockheed Martin by the NASA; N812NA modified as "XF-104" at Palmdale, CA near Plant 42 "Skunk Works"
in bare metal with intakes removed, no markings, October 2005 first noted; F-104N repainted as NASA 812 in early markings, October 27, 2006 first noted; August 2020 noted.

NASA 813 construction number 4058 [N813NA] F-104N
delivered on October 22, 1963 for high speed chase; crashed after mid-air collision with XB-70A Valkyrie bomber (62-0702) on June 8, 1966; N813NA had made 409 flights at the time it was lost; replaced by NASA 820.

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