QF-104A "0-52959" at Air Research and Development Center, Edwards AFB

YF-104A, construction number 183-1005, model 183-93-02, serial number 55-2959, built by Lockheed
ready for delivery March 14, 1956, acceptance by USAF April 30, 1956, delivery date June 28, 1956 as FG-959 to Air Materiel Command (AMC)
it was bailed (assigned) to General Electric immediately after delivery, and used as testbed for J-79 engine development at Edwards AFB
(designated GE-JF-104A or GF-104A ?), damaged in a fire after landing July 10, 1958 (F-104A)
stored October 26, 1960 at McClellan AFB (Air Force Logistics Command, Sacramento Air Materiel Area)
withdrawn from use 1960 and scrapped 1969.

During a testflight the pilot experienced a fire. The pilot made a normal landing but the aircraft was partially destroyed by the fire.
The airframe was scrapped at AFFTC a short time later. This Starfighter has been selected to be used specifically for engine testing.
For this reason it was assigned to General Electric immediately after delivery. It arrived at General Electric on June 27, 1956 and
was used by General Electric until July 1958. On the tail a special General Electric logo was applied during the test-period.
The airframe was prepared as JF-104A for this purpose but people at General Electric never saw this specific designation.
In July 1958 its career with General Electric ended when it was destroyed by a fire while landing on 10 July 1958. It was scrapped soon after at AFFTC.

copyright  Harry Prins