RF-104G BB+242 WaSLw 10 Jever AB over Alps 1966

RF-104G, construction number 683D-8192, model 683-04-10, US serial number 67-14892, built by Fokker
manufactured by North Group (ARGE-Nord); first flight January 3, 1964 coded KG+292 at Fokker-Schiphol
to Fokker-Weserflug in December 1963 for RF-104G modifications according project "Recce"
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196"; acceptance date by BABwFokker (RNAF-MTA) August 31, 1964
BB+242 WaSLw 10 at Jever AB delivery date on September 14, 1964
according project "Columbus III" airlifted to Lockheed-Palmdale, USA on June 21, 1967
modified to F-104G at Lockheed according modification status 2220
 operated by the 4510 CCTW (German shadow serial number 2448) coded 14892 in USAF Silver-finish colors until closure on March 16, 1983
1.526 flight hours in May 1977; flown until end of operation at Luke AFB on March 16, 1983
withdrawn from use July 19, 1983 with 2.292 flight hours; struck off charge order (AVA) July 19, 1969
sold to USA July 19, 1983 with "Phase III" lot
MAP to ROCAF under project "Ali Shan No.8" coded "4399" to the 41 TFS of 2 Wing at Hsinchu AB
converted to RF-104G and recoded "5664" with 12 TRS based at Tao Yuan AB
crashed March 4, 1993 with 12 TRS (SMS-12th Special Mission Squadron) of 5 Wing based at Hsinchu AB,
crashed after engine malfunction in remote Qi Lan Mountain area,
pilot (Squadron deputy commander) ejected and was rescued 2 or 3 days later, written off.

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