F-104G DA+108 on the Lockheed flight line at Palmdale, California 1961

F-104G, construction number 683-2011, company model 683-10-19, US serial number 63-13230, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Group USA (ARGE-USA); flight test release October 27, 1961; assembly in Fighterbomber version according contract lot 2
first flight 1961 in Silver-finish colors; test flights flown with register number "111" only; accepted by BABwLockheed in 1961
DA+108 operated by "Joint Test Force" (JTF) at Palmdale AP during "Category I" phase for inertial reference system tests (Litton LN-3) with 274 flight hours
November 20, 1962 airlifted to Messerschmitt-Manching but was not reassembled and stored
acceptance date October 30, 1962 by BABwMTT; project "Loreley" (for JaboG 33) was not implemented; planned code DC+104 was not used
planned for project "Columbus" November 15, 1962; according project "Columbus" airlifted coded BG+101 on December 21, 1962 to Lockheed-Palmdale
 operated at Luke AFB by the 4510th CCTW in USAF Silver-finish colors coded 13230
crashed July 2, 1965 when the aircraft pitched up after take-off configured as a dart tow aircraft, USAF IP was killed; written off; 340 flight hours
aircraft operated that day by the 4518th CCTS; struck off charge order (AVA) July 2, 1965.

Shortly after lift-off the upper fin of the dart began to break up and the aircraft started a left turn and roll.
As the roll could not be stopped but continued the pilot Capt Dinn ejected, but due to the bank angle (over 90) and altitude (below 200 feet) a safe ejection was not possible, pilot was sadly killed.

copyright  Klaus Kropf