F-104G DA+259 JaboG 31 at Leeuwarden AB 1965

F-104G, construction number 683D-9047, company model 683-10-19, built by SABCA
manufactured by West Group (ARGE-West); assembly start at SABCA-Gosselies June 18, 1963
first flight September 25, 1963 in AWX (All Weather Fighter) version coded with construction number "9047"
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196"; acceptance date by BABwSABCA December 23, 1963
7 SABCA factory test flights and 2 military test flights with 8 flight hours; military test flights at Gosselies: 26.11.1963 and 23.12.1963 (test)
delivery date January 3, 1964 coded KH+126; LVR 3 (Luftwaffenversorgungsregiment 3) at Manching AB on January 16, 1964 for modifications and upgrading
to Messerschmitt for Fighterbomber version modification on March 4, 1964
DA+259 JaboG 31 at Norvenich AB delivery date on September 17, 1964
crashed June 12, 1965 at Suippes Bombing Range, France after compressor stall due to IGV failure, pilot ejected safely; written off, struck off charge order (AVA) April 29, 1966.

Inlet Guide Vanes
The purpose of the inlet guide vanes in a gas turbine is to direct the air-flow to the compressor. 
By transporting the air at the proper angle the inlet guide vanes ensure most efficient compression.
Since inlet guide vane failures can plague the functioning of the entire gas turbine

During the AFCENT Tactical Weapons Meet at Chaumont AB in June 1965 DA+259 was lost.
It crashed in a field, about 1 km from Mahrecourt, France, near the Suippes Range.
During the third approach for an air-to-ground attack, the aircraft suddenly encountered an engine failure
and subsequent rapid loss of height. Pilot ejected in time and was unhurt.

copyright  Gerrit Hiemstra