RF-104G EA+252 Aufklärungsgeschwader 51 "Immelmann" (AG 51) landing at Leeuwarden AB May 16, 1966

RF-104G, construction number 683D-6627, company model 683-04-10, built by FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino)
manufactured by Italian Group (ARGE-Italien) for GAF; RF-104G production in "Recce" photoreconnaissance version
first flight September 2, 1964 coded KC+138 at FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino), Turin-Caselle
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196"; acceptance date October 24, 1964 by BABwFIAT
EA+252 AG 51 delivery date on November 5, 1964 at Ingolstadt-Manching AB
crashed on June 8, 1967 at Ernsgaden (15 km south of Ingolstadt) during the approach to Ingolstadt AB
after engine failure due to an open nozzle, pilot ejected safely, written off; struck off charge order (AVA) November 7, 1967.

The F-104G was on a GCA approach when the pilot noted he had unsafe trailing edge flaps.
While recycling the flaps, he became distracted and let the airspeed decrease to 150 KIAS (Normal 180).
As he advanced the power to Military, he noticed that he had an Engine Nozzle Failure.
He continued to advance the power to full afterburner, but the AB didn't light. He ejected at 250 feet without injury.

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