RF-104G EB+238 Aufklärungsgeschwader 52 (AG 52) at Leeuwarden AB January 1968

F-104G, construction number 683D-8242, company model 683-04-10, built by Fokker
manufactured by North Group (ARGE-Nord); first flight April 7, 1964 coded KG+342 at Fokker-Schiphol
RF-104G photoreconnaissance version modification at Avio Diepen on April 7, 1964 with project "Bacchus II" (for 522 squadron of AG 52)
back to Fokker on May 21, 1964; camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196"; acceptance date August 19, 1964 by BABwFokker (RNAF-MTA)
LVR 3 (Luftwaffenversorgungsregiment 3) at Manching AB on September 3, 1964 for modifications and upgrading
EB+238 JG 71 at Wittmund AB delivery date on July 13, 1965; AG 52 at Leck AB on June 19, 1967
24+92 modified to Fighterbomber version F-104G by MBB on September 29, 1970; JaboG 32 at Lechfeld AB on April 29, 1971
withdrawn from use and stored at LVR 1 (Luftwaffenversorgungsregiment 1) on May 16, 1977 in airworthy condition as attrition reserve aircraft
struck off charge order (AVA) October 29, 1981
MAP (Military Assistance Program) to Turkish Air Force (Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (THK)) on April 8, 1982 with TuAF serial number 64-8242
for spare part use only at Eskisehir AB, transport with C-130 transporter, no serial number given; scrapped.

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