F-104G JA+106 JG 71 "Richthofen" at Leeuwarden AB in June 1966

F-104G, construction number 683D-8075, company model 683-10-19, built by Fokker
manufactured by North Group (ARGE-Nord); KG+175 first flight May 13, 1963 at Fokker-Schiphol
acceptance date September 16, 1963 by BABwFokker (RNAF-MTA) with 4:05 flight hours
project "Roland" (for JG 71) in AWX (All Weather Fighter) version with "Wing Pylon Bomb Provision" modification
LVR 3 (Luftwaffenversorgungsregiment 3) at Manching AB on September 20, 1963 for modifications and storage
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196" in 1964 at Messerschmitt; planned code BB+244 for WaSLw 10 was not used
JA+123 JG 71 "Richthofen" at Wittmund AB delivery date on May 21, 1964; recoded JA+106 JG 71 on March 8, 1965
23+76 withdrawn from use at LVR 1 (Luftwaffenversorgungsregiment 1) on December 19, 1974 with 1.730 flight hours
struck off charge order (AVA) December 4, 1973; decoy "BB+371" at WaSLw 10 Jever AB in 1980
decoy on the backside of the airbase at Jever 1982 during TAM82 ("BB+371" painted on left side of fuselage only)
seen as BDRT airframe at Jever in 1983 with training aid code "C073"; September 15, 1996 seen without code stored at Erding AB
April 7, 1998 to BMW garage of Piet Smedts; stored at Baarlo, Netherlands with tail of 22+39 (construction number 7117)
seen in 2003 painted with fake serial "22+90" in overall silver color at BMW garage of Piet Smedts; PS-Aero storage area at Kessel February 13, 2010 last noted
October 2011 moved to Winterberg, Germany, on display at the Motorrad- und Automuseum Winterberg-Niedersfeld, 80 km SE of Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia
March 30, 2012 inside Motorrad- und Automuseum Winterberg first noted; June 2013 noted; museum closed by end of 2013; aircraft is stored and for sale
February 2015 displayed in the open noted; February 2017 next to Kart Bahn center last noted; in 2018 sold to an unknown person; no further information as of November 2021.

Project "Roland": 21 AWX (All Weather Fighter) aircrafts were modified by Fokker intended for JG 71 (FW 71), but remained at the LVR 3 in Manching until 1964.

copyright  Heribert Mennen