F-104G KE+367 at Messerschmitt Manching after a test flight in June 1963

F-104G, construction number 683D-7067, company model 683-10-19, built by Messerschmitt (MTT)
manufactured by South Group (ARGE-Süd); assembly by Messerschmitt-Manching starting November 22, 1962
assembly in Fighterbomber version according contract lot 3; first flight May 7, 1963; acceptance date June 27, 1963 coded KE+367 by BABwMTT with 7:50 flight hours
project "Loreley" as Fighterbomber (for JaboG 33) with Vulcan M61 20 mm machine gun installed and long range tanks as loose parts
DC+122 JaboG 33 at Buchel AB delivery date on July 1, 1963; camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196" in 1966
damaged on January 19, 1967 after slipping off the icy ramp into a ditch and the Nose Gear sheered off
NATO exercise "Tactical Weapons Meet" 1967 at RAFG Wildenrath 16. till 30. June 1967 with code "E"
21+98 maintenance incident on the air base on March 13, 1976, a tire was over pressurized and exploded,
a crew chief was wounded and the aircraft heavily damaged; repaired at MBB and back to JaboG 33 on January 5, 1977
NATO exercise "Tactical Weapons Meet" at RAFG Wildenrath 5. till 14.June 1978
EL-70/EL-73 Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) system was installed in the weapon system in the late 70s with tech order "TA-FL1191"
stored at LwSchleuse 11 on July 12, 1984; back to JaboG 33 on November 8, 1984; JaboG 34 on February 22, 1985
TechnGrp 11 "F-104 Kommando" at Erding AB on January 6, 1986; withdrawn from use at LwSchleuse 11 on July 17, 1986 with 3.587 flight hours
struck off charge order (AVA) September 5, 1986
MAP (Military Assistance Program) to Turkish Air Force (TuAF serial number 63-7067) on September 16, 1986; to 4.AJU at Murted AB; coded "9-067" with 192 Filo of 9.AJU at Balikesir AB in May 1988
August 2, 1989 with 192 Filo of 9.AJU at Akhisar AB noted; withdrawn from use and stored with 9.AJU on July 11, 1990; CFE cut up later; scrapped.

Project "Loreley": to equip 42 Fighterbomber for the second wing designated to be converted being JaboG 33 (FBW 33) at Büchel AB.

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