F-104G KF+134 with "Joint Test Force" team at Edwards AFB in 1962

F-104G, construction number 683-2059, company model 683-10-19, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Group USA (ARGE-USA); Lockheed assembly in Fighterbomber version according contract lot 6
Lockheed test flights with register number coded "159" only; coded KF+134 accepted by BABwLockheed
assigned to 6516th Flight Line Maintenance Squadron at Edwards AFB with "Joint Test Force" team in 1962 for "Category II" test flights
finished after 13 A/A gun firing flights on May 11, 1962; airlifted to Messerschmitt-Manching July 3, 1962 with 39 flight hours
reassembly at Messerschmitt and test flight on August 17, 1962
project "Replace" with modification as Fighterbomber with Vulcan M61 20 mm machine gun installed and long range tanks as loose parts; acceptance date August 31, 1962 by BABwMTT
DC+112 JaboG 31 at Norvenich AB delivery date on September 3, 1962 in Silver-finish colors; recoded DA+106 JaboG 31 on December 6, 1962
SABCA for IRAN on February 23, 1966 with 426 flight hours, back to JaboG 31 on January 30, 1967; NATO exercise "Tactical Weapons Meet" 1967 at RAFG Wildenrath in June 1967
20+51 crashed July 30, 1969 during take off at Norvenich AB after a wrong speed indication due to heavy nose wheel shimmy
barrier was overrun and the F-104 caught on fire, pilot ejected safely over the runway; damaged beyond economical repair (DBR), written off; struck off charge order (AVA) December 2, 1969.

copyright  Riccardo Niccoli