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Canadian T-shirt

No parking


What do you say?

License plate of a F-104 pilot


Pilots weather stone

F-104 Parking -ONLY-

FLEAGLE "Gear up" 

License plate of F-104 pilot

Speed limit "solo F-104"

Phantom Parking -ONLY-


Luftwaffe 21+49 Hopsten



Luftwaffe Aux APU

_Oops!!! Too High...

Begian FX 17

Wall drawing at Beja

Tiptank fin of JaboG 34 at Beja

RAF Retirement in style

Bid Strike briefing

Belgian Tiger Bye-bye

Scappy Johnson Altitude Record

"Sound of Freedom" bumper sticker

Testing is Fun

Belgian Tiger ADIOS

AMI - the end

Ultimo Volo F-104G in Italy

KG 101 The Netherlands

All sinners - Especially Pilots

They don't need us anymore

This one rare...

Champion Darts

Solo X-Country

FX 50

Pilots talk

"F104 Veteran" - license plate

Flying id for the birds

One more time, please!

Canadian "Auf Wiedersehen"