F-104S ASA-M "9-32" 10°Gruppo of 9°Stormo "Francesco Baracca" take-off from Grazzanise AB 2003

F-104S, construction number 783-1235, serial number MM6935, model 783, built by Aeritalia at Turin, Caselle
built by Aeritalia at Turin Caselle; delivery date AMI 16.8.1978; delivery date 21°Gruppo; CIO 53°Stormo Cameri AB 21.8.1978, 53-15 18.4.1979-16.2.1983; IRAN 16.2.1983-18.1.1984
delivery date 21°Gruppo 18.1.1984, 53-16 03.1984-4.6.1987; delivery date 12°Gruppo CIO of 36°Stormo Gioia del Colle AB 4.6.1987, 36-06 09.1987-17.5.1988
IRAN + F-104S ASA conversion 17.5.1988-20.10.1989; delivery date 22°Gruppo CIO of 51°Stormo Istrana AB 12.1989, 51-05 12/89-18.2.1994
IRAN + F-104S ASA-M conversion with Alenia 18.2.1994-11.12.1997; 1.ASA-M production airframe completed 11.12.1997
grey camouflage scheme; delivery date 23°Gruppo CIO of 5°Stormo Cervia AB 11.12.1997
5-30 30.2.1998-18.5.2000, Special black-yellow colors were applied for the "82 anno" anniversary of 23°Gruppo; 15.10.2000-14.11.2000; IRAN at Alenia 14.11.2000-15.7.2002
delivery date 10°Gruppo of 9°Stormo Grazzanise AB 19.7.2002, 9-32 2.9.2002-29.10.2004; 3.721 flight hours, withdrawn from use 1.11.2004; April 2005 operational storage for 311°Gruppo
Aero Club "Francesco Baracca" at Lugo di Romagna, 26 km W of Ravenna; August 11, 2009 first noted, grey camouflage scheme, no CFE plate or identification, without any identity marks
August 11, 2009 without serial but with Baracca badge noted; September 2012 noted; June 2020 noted.

It is meant to remember the pilots who lost their lives during wars in the past

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44°23'58.69"N 11°51'17.02"E