CF-104 733 "A" 441 Sqn of 1 Canadian Air Group based at CAFB Sollingen, Germany
3-ship formation take off with full power during NATO Tactical Air Meet'78 at Wildenrath (EDUW) in June 1978

CF-104, Canadair model CL-90, Lockheed model 683-04-12, Canadair construction number 683A-1033, RCAF serial number 12733, built by Canadair
first flight February 21, 1962; received as 12733 June 21, 1962; first unit 6 ST/R OTU
reserialed as 104733 effective June 1970; May 1976 at Twenthe AB for Tactical Weapon Meet,
aircraft wore "1 CAG" in red on white wingtip tanks for the Tactical Weapons Meet
wore a large grey "A" behind flag and above serial on tail for 441 Squadron's team during
Tactical Air Meet'78 at RAF Wildenrath Germany, June 1978
participated in the 1980 Tactical Air Meet at Ramstein AB. It wore a large "A" on the tail and
a red maple leaf on the tip tanks with a stylized blue "1 Canadian Air Group" superimposed on it Each "i" was dotted with a small red maple leaf
withdrawn from use March 11, 1986; to Turkey on March 18, 1986 coded as "62-733"
withdrawn from use with TuAF on August 27, 1993
preserved Turkish Musee Militaire (Askeri Müzesi), Istanbul, Turkey as "8-733"; December 2018 noted.

41°02'49.1"N 28°59'14.0"E

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