CF-104 "780" (104780) 417 Operational Training Squadron (OTS) at CFB Moose Jaw, Canada in July 1972

CF-104, Canadair Model CL-90, Lockheed Model 683-04-12, Canadair construction number 683A-1080, RCAF serial number 12780, built by Canadair
taken on service by RCAF as CF-104 Starfighter s/n 12780 on May 1, 1962, first unit 6 Strike-Recce OTU; June 24, 1975 to Trenton for cannon installation, return to Cold Lake
December 6, 1978 to NWI for DLIR, return to Cold Lake; May 22, 1979 to NWI for prototype of LW-33 Inertial Navigation and Attack System installation
April 3, 1980 to AETE for tests of LW-33; July 3, 1983 ferry with "Starleap/Hog Hop" to Baden Sollingen for 1 CAG; April 28, 1986 withdrawn from use at MBB for spare part use
shipped to Turkey May 1, 1986 in Turkish Hercules for spares with code 62-780; no further information.

Canadian Starfighters were initially fitted with LN-3 Inertial Navigation Systems, capable of guiding the aircraft to pre-programmed targets without external references.
This was replaced by an LW-33 Inertial Navigation and Attack System, which continuously computed the effects of wind, aircraft attitude, speed and G forces,
thus allowing for very accurate navigation and weapons delivery.

SAL: Scottish Aviation Limited, Prestwick, UK
NMI: North West Industries, Edmonton
DLIR: Depot Level Inspection and Repair

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