F-104G FX100 "C" BAF 31 Squadron 10 Wing at RAF Wildenrath during Tactical Air Meet'78 June 1978

F-104G, construction number 683D-9176, model 683-10-19, built by SABCA
FX100 taken on service May 8, 1965 at Gosselies AP, on May 8, 1967 to 10 Wing; on May 8, 1967 to 1 Wing; on August 6, 1969 to 10 Wing, 
31 Sqn at RAF Wildenrath during Tactical Air Meet'78 June 1978, withdrawn from use and stored January 28, 1982 at Koksijde AB
stored Koksijde January 1982-June 19l90; stored at Kleine Brogel 1991 until 1994, struck off charge 1987; transported to Kleine Brogel AB in 1991
sold Radcomm Enterprise parts early 1994; totally stripped from any operational parts; on display on pole at the village of Kampenhout near Mechelen, 
Belgium on March 26, 1994; owned by Jozef Maes, boss of ASCO in his private collection; 2004 noted
March 17, 2007 noted preserved at Boordmeerbeek-Kampenhout in the garden of the president of RADCOMM Enterprises, sits on concrete stands
facing nose into the sky, poor condition, lots of corrosion; for sale in 2012 for 7500 Euro and sold in 2013 and finally in January 2014 it moved 
to the new owner (company ASCO) at Sterrebeek-Zaventem, Belgium. There it was put in storage awaiting full restoration
ASCO has now still both aircraft in parts in his garden at Sterrebeek for many years and the 2021 images show that they have not started yet; actually in a very bad condition.

copyright © GŁnter Grondstein