F-104G "FX24" Belgian Air Force 10 Wing formation from Kleine-Brogel AB in June 1975

F-104G, construction number 683D-9052, model 683-10-19, built by SABCA
MAP aircraft FX-24, taken on service February 28, 1964; to 349 squadron of 1 Wing; to 31 squadron
FX24 was one of the participants when the 10th Wing attended the USAFE Spangdahlem Air Base 9th Tactical Weapons Meet held there in June 1970
struck of charge on December 1, 1982 
delivered to Turkish Air Force as 9052 (Turkey code 64-9052) on December 3, 1982; 2.015 hours flown; coded 4-052 last noted
withdrawn from use July 1, 1986; preserved on pole Bodrum-Milas Bodrum (LTFE), Turkey, July 25, 2010 last noted
displayed outside Hava Meydan Komutanligi HQ at Bodrum Airport coded "9-052"on pole August 2020 noted.

3714'52.39"N 2741'13.79"E

copyright  Johan Bringmans