F-104G "FX34" 31 Smaldeel (squadron) of 10 Wing from Kleine-Brogel AB during Tiger Meet 1980 at Cameri AB, France

F-104G, construction number 683D-9071, model 683-10-19, built by SABCA
FX34 MAP taken on service March 9, 1964 to 349 squadron of 1 Wing as FX349!; December 2, 1964 lost target dart at Solenzara
December 10, 1964 a violent start is aborted due to heavy shimmy on the nosewheel, stopped successfully by barrier despite the high weight (23.000 pounds) and high speed (160kts) pilot ok
in 1968 to 10 Wing; August 1969 at Woodbridge with 31 squadron (Smaldel) at Tiger Meet
April 22, 1982 delivered to 193 Filo of TuAF as 64-9071; seen 1982 as "4-071; August 1983 stored at Eskisehir coded "9-071" of 9 AJU at RBV last noted; no further information.

copyright @ Johan Bringmans