TF-104G-M of the AMI (ItAF) lands at RAF Cottesmore, UK for the RIAT 2001

A total of 30 TF-104G have been acquired by the AMI
With deliveries beginning in 1965, 24 were bought as training aircraft for the F-104G and RF-104G procured in the early sixties
Twelve have been built by Fiat in Torino and are model 583H
The others were built by Lockheed in the USA and those are model 583D
In 1984 the than remaining 19 two-seaters were supplemented with 6 ex German Air Force aircraft
These aircraft were delivered to Aeritalia at Torino-Caselle for overhaul.
During 1985 two aircraft were being overhauled by Aeritalia, while four were held in storage
The aircraft stayed at Caselle for a relative long time and were taken on charge by
20 Squadron at Grosseto AB over a period of several years From 1997 onwards, fifteen TF-104G have been converted to TF-104G-M (M for "Modificato") standard MM54254 4-36 served as a prototype The dual M differs from the F-104S ASA-M in that, for instance, it lacks the satellite navigation system. copyright Peitzmeier archive