NF-104A "NF-756" rocketing into the sky

NF-104A, construction number 183-1044, model 183-93-02, US serial number 56-0756, built by Lockheed
assigned to AFSC (TPS) on October 1, 1963, modified around November 1963 at Edwards to NF-104A
suffered rocket oxidizer explosion June 18, 1965, blowing off portion of the tail, pilot landed safely
plane repaired and flown again; to ARPS in 1970, first noticed at Edwards May 1970
second explosion June 15, 1971 blew the whole rocket motor and part of rudder off in flight
at 35.000 ft and Mach 1.15, pilot landed safely but aircraft was written off (DBR)
portions of it used to create the composite "760" sitting on a pole at
Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, CA
Interesting to know that it made a demo-flight during the open house at Edwards on May 16, 1965.

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