F-104F 29+01 Waffenschule der Luftwaffe 10 (WaSLw 10) at Jever AB

F-104F, construction number 283-5047, company model 483-04-08, US serial number 59-4994, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (LAC), Burbank; acceptance date September 22, 1959 without test flights with USAF serial number coded "59-4994" and with F-104D canopy version
used as instructional airframe (GIA) at Palmdale for German technical personal; airlifted to TSLw 1 (Technische Schule der Luftwaffe 1) at Kaufbeuren on January 18, 1960
coded BF+011 instructional airframe (GIA) with TSLw 1 without test flights; May 25, 1961 modified to F-104F standards at Messerschmitt
to Messerschmitt January 1961 for several modification tests; camouflage trials in December 1963; first flight on February 13, 1964
BB+375 ErpSt 61 at Manching AB delivery date on July 20, 1964; WaSLw 10 (OTU Operational Training Unit) at Jever AB on March 4, 1965
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196" in 1965/66
coded 29+01 in May 1968; withdrawn from use (grounded) in April 1971 according government orders; struck off charge order (AVA) June 29, 1971
in 1971 to road show "Unsere Luftwaffe"; noted at ILA in Hannover April 20, 1972 without engine
scrapped at LVR 3 (Luftwaffenversorgungsregiment 3) at Erding AB in 1973; dump at Erding AB in May 1978 last noted; scrapped.

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