F-104G "25+50" JaboG 34 Memmingen 25th anniversary of JaboG 34 and 50th anniversary of airbase (Fliegerhorst) Memmingerberg, original serial 24+19, May 5, 1984

RF-104G, construction number 683D-8161, model 683-04-10, built by Fokker
manufactured by North Group (ARGE-Nord); first flight October 9, 1963 coded KG+261
to Avio Diepen October 9, 1963 for RF-104G modifications according project "Bacchus" (for AG 51)
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196"; acceptance date February 26, 1964 by BABwFokker (RNAF-MTA)
EA+249 AG 51 at Ingolstadt-Manching AB delivery date on March 17, 1964
24+19 AG 52 at Leck AB on September 29, 1970; modified to Fighterbomber version F-104G on July 26, 1971
JaboG 36 at Hopsten on December 20, 1971, JaboG 33at  Buchel on January 7, 1975, JaboG 34 at Memmingen AB on November 19, 1975
operated with flightdate and crash recorder LEADS 200 according tech order "TA-1411"
withdrawn from use in May 1984, struck off charge order (AVA) April 11, 1984
JaboG 34 Memmingen special marks 25+50 for 25th anniversary of JaboG 34 and
50th anniversary of Air Base Memmingen (Fliegerhorst Memmingerberg) on May 5, 1984
BRDT airframe at  Memmingen with training aid code "C017"; instructional airframe (GIA) coded 24+19 at Memmingen AB
preserved as display at Deutsch-Kanadisches Lw-Museum in special marks at Baden-Airpark (Baden-Sollingen) 2002 noted; August 2018 last noted.

copyright  Gottfried "Blacky" Schwarz