F-104G 25+68 Wernigerode, skin removed to show internal for display purposes 2006

F-104G, construction number 683D-9014, company model 683-10-19, built by SABCA
manufactured by West Group (ARGE-West) in AWX (All Weather Fighter) version; assembly start at SABCA, Belgium September 7, 1962 with parts manufactured by Lockheed
first flight December 22, 1962 coded with construction number "9014"; 5 SABCA factory test flights and 6 military test flights with 14 flight hours
military test flights at Gosselies: 27.2.1963, 4.3.1963, 6.3.1963,14.3.1963, 15.3.1963 and 27.3.1963 (test)
coded KH+114 delivered in AWX (All Weather Fighter) version under project "Green Hill"; acceptance date April 9, 1963 by BABwSABCA in Silver-finish colors
JA+250 JG 71 "Richthofen" delivery date on April 9, 1963; camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196" in 1964; damaged November 10, 1964, repaired and back to JG 71
25+68 JG 74 at Neuburg AB on February 26, 1973; October 1973 RAF 5 Squadron, based at Binbrook flying the Lightning F.6 exchanged with the JG 74 (1st Staffel) based at Neuburg AB,
seen at Binbrook was 25+68; withdrawn from use at LVR 1 (Luftwaffenversorgungsregiment 1) on November 7, 1974 with 1.519 flight hours
struck off charge order (AVA) December 17, 1983, used for fire fighting tests with WWDBw Munster
instructional airframe (GIA) with MFlgLehrGrp Sylt coded "69+51" and tail of cn 7053 and fake cn "1234"; noted at Westerland, July 29, 1987, restoration at Wernigerode
preserved with skin removed to show internal for display purposes 2003 (center fuselage only); owned by Mr. Clemens Aulich; May 2024 noted.

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