F-104G "69+51", ex 25+68 at MFlgLehrGrp Sylt 1987

F-104G, construction number 683D-9014, company model 683-10-19, built by SABCA
manufactured by West Group (ARGE-West) in AWX (All Weather Fighter) version; assembly start at SABCA, Belgium September 7, 1962 with parts manufactured by Lockheed
first flight December 22, 1962 coded with construction number "9014"; 5 SABCA factory test flights and 6 military test flights with 14 flight hours
military test flights at Gosselies: 27.2.1963, 4.3.1963, 6.3.1963,14.3.1963, 15.3.1963 and 27.3.1963 (test)
coded KH+114 delivered in AWX (All Weather Fighter) version under project "Green Hill"; acceptance date April 9, 1963 by BABwSABCA in Silver-finish colors
JA+250 JG 71 at Wittmund AB delivery date on April 9, 1963; camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196" in 1964
damaged November 10, 1964, repaired and back to JG 71
25+68 JG 74 at Neuburg AB on February 26, 1973; October 1973 RAF 5 Squadron, based at Binbrook
flying the Lightning F.6 exchanged with the German Air Force JG74 (1st Staffel) based at Neuburg AB, seen at Binbrook was 25+68
withdrawn from use at LVR 1 (Luftwaffenversorgungsregiment 1) on November 7, 1974 with 1.519 flight hours
struck off charge order (AVA) December 17, 1983; used for fire fighting tests with WWDBw Munster
instructional airframe (GIA) with MFlgLehrGrp Sylt coded "69+51" and tail of cn 7053 and fake cn "1234"; noted at Westerland, July 29, 1987, restoration at Wernigerode
preserved with skin removed to show internal for display purposes 2003 (center fuselage only); owned by Mr. Clemens Aulich; May 2023 last noted.

copyright  Frank Matthes