Starfighter Art
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This section contains paintings and drawings from around the world

Many thanks to all the artists contributing to this section

visit Lou Drendel's website "Aviation Art" for his huge collection of aircraft paintings
visit Ugo Crisponi's website "AviationGraphic" for his collection of F-104 graphics
Luftwaffe F-104G DF+116 JaboG 36 Lou Drendel 1968
Lockheed TF-104G with Jacqueline Cochran Lou Drendel
"Jacqueline Cochran" learned to fly in 1928 at the age of 22. She was the first woman to win the Bendix Transcontinental Race (1938) and established speed and altitude records for women. She was the director of the Women's Air Force Service Pilots (WASPS) during World War II, and became the first woman to fly a bomber across the Atlantic. She was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal in 1945, and was commissioned a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserve. She became the first woman to break the sound barrier in this Lockheed F-104B Starfighter.
CF-104D CEPE RCAF unknown
CF-104 "703" RCAF Magee 2015
F-104A 56-802 landing at Sargodha Hussaini 1968
F-104A 56-877 GNAT surrender Hussaini 1968
F-104A 56-868 first encounter Hussaini 1968
F-104B Reconnaissance at Mach 1 Hussaini 1968
F-104A 56-874 night intruder Gp Hussaini 1968
F-104A 56-874 Utterlai strike Gp Hussaini 1968
F-104A FG-772 AFFTC USAF unknown
"Gatto" F-104S 51 Stormo Ugo Crisponi
"Gunfighters of the New West" by Heinz Krebs
F-104DJ "016" JASDF Ugo Crisponi
CF-104 "786" Cold Lake formation unknown
F-104A USAF 4 ship unknown
YF-104A "FG-933" zooming unknown
USAF YF-104A gun fire unknown
Luftwaffe pilots unknown
NF-104 Space trainer unknown
Drawing from a USAF magazine unknown 1981
F-104G 26+07 Hopsten unknown
Luftwaffe F-104G DA+211 Arlart 1966
F-104C PRANG with SEA nose art "Pussycat" unknown
Les Slivers Jean-Luc Beghin
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