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This section contains cartoons mostly from the Lockheed Reports 1967
The SURE project: Starfighter Utilization Reliability Effort

Analysis of the F-104 aircraft limitations and operating restrictions,
written by Glen L."Snake" Reaves - Lockheed Test Pilot
cartoons by P.P. "Pete" Trevisan - FIAT Test Pilot, Lockheed Report 1967
cartoon 1  Exceeding the Limitations
cartoon 2  Roll Limitations
cartoon 3  Acceleration Limitations
cartoon 4  Pitch-up
cartoon 5 Normal spin
cartoon 6  Flat spin
cartoon 7  Flame-out
cartoon 8  Nozzle Failure to wide, wide open area
cartoon 9  Hook worked real fine
cartoon 10  "Look Ma': No Gear"
cartoon 11  High sinkrates on final
cartoon 12  What's next ? Vertigo
cartoon 13  "Glued to the runway"
cartoon 14  "You lost me, lead" Formatiom flying
cartoon 15  "Two's in trail" Formatiom flying
cartoon 16  Jet Wash - Inverted Go-around
Cartoon 17  Supersonic formation
Cartoon 18  Crosswind landing
Cartoon 19  Energy management
Cartoon 20  Overriding the "kicker"
Cartoon 21  Energy maneuvering
Cartoon 22  Double attack system
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