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Operation Cowboy Ziel Luke AFB - Atlantikflug mit dem Starfighter (FlugRevue 12.1969) German Only!
Taking to the Silk-Twice Maj Melvin Corley 479 TFW bail-out November 12, 1959 F-104C 56-0916 (Fly Past 2008)
Robert J. Gilliland and Skunk Works F-104 test and instructor pilot 1960 (by Maj Jon F. Berry, USAF)
Milestone in the History of Aviation: F-104 Starfighter (EADS)
F-104 - Holder of the Absolute Records for Speed and Altitude (Flight 05.1958)
F-104CCV-Fly by Wire Control Configured Vehicle-History and Model, by Michael Ullmann (Model Aircraft 05.2013)
F-104RB_Red Baron aircraft build up from various parts by Darryl Greenamyer (Air Progress 1977)
Operating Characteristics of the F-104A "Get with the Starfighter" (Flight 1956)
Pakistan Air Force F-104 history - 12 F-104A operated PAF No. 9 Squadron, by Usman Shabbier (2009)
2nd F-104 World Altitude Record December 14, 1959 altitude record of 103,395 feet, by Bob Elliott, NAA (2011)
F-104C World's Altitude Record Flight (Analysis by William J. Day, State University, San Luis Obispo, CA)
"Snake" Reaves - Test Pilot Notebook F-104 - facts and hints by Lockheed production test pilot
Die Starfighter Story - part 1 20 Years of F-104 in the Luftwaffe (FlugRevue 12.1980) German Only!
Die Starfighter Story - part 2 20 Years of F-104 in the Luftwaffe (FlugRevue 01.1981) German Only!
Production Tree F-104 - Europa Countries and Factories (1961)
Production Tree F-104 - USA Canada Japan Factories (1961)
European Production - Countries and Factories (Flight International 03.1963)
Star unter den Fightern (FlugRevue, Redemann)- German Only!
Star von Gestern - Luke 1983 (FlugRevue 4.83) - German Only!
Starfighter in Vietnam Int. Air Power Review, volume 12, by Warren Thompson
Starfighter in Vietnam war Fighter Journal 6.2006, by Warren Thompson
Starfighter - Lockheed's Mach 2 Fighter for the USAF (Flight 04.1956)
F-104CCV Starfighter Control Configured Vehicle, by Dr. Andreas Zeitler (Classic Aircraft 2012)
Boom and Zoom - NF-104A AeroSpace Trainer (AST) - History of the NF-104A, by John Terry White 2005
F-104 Production Programme in the World (Flight 10.1961) - for better reading copy pdf file
F-104 German Industry - Companies associated with the Starfighter production (Flight 10.1961)
CF-104 Canadian Air Force - History (compiled by: Kenneth D. Castle)
Record Holder F-104 - Records for Speed and Altitude (Flight 05.1958)
Lockheed's F-104 in Vietnam 1966 - Right Plane, Wrong Place (Wings 10.1996)
"SURE 7" - Intercept Flight Profile Optimization - by "Snake" Reaves, Lockheed production test pilot (LCC 1969) - pdf
"SURE 8" - Go for the Odds - Takeoff Emergencies - by "Snake" Reaves, Lockheed production test pilot (LCC 1970)
"SURE" Cartoons - by "Snake" Reaves and cartoons by "Pete" Trevisan, FIAT test pilot (LCC 1967)
USAF - Operation "Star Blazer" - trial deployment to Moron, by B.Gen Avelin Tacon (USAF Flying Safety 02.1960)
FAA - F-104 Airworthiness Certification - Federal Aviation Administration (01.2013)
Speed and Altitude record flights - Maj Scrappy Johnson and Capt WaIt Irwin "Hangar Flying" Lockheed (May 1958)
Weapon load tests - Lockheed proposel for various configurations and weapons - 1961
Der Auslöser loss of aircraft control with the deactivated "kicker", by Flugsicherheit Bundeswehr 2012 (German only)
Flugunfall Arndt Investigation of German Parliament about the deactivated "kicker", Verteidigungsausschuss 1967 (German)
Dead Stick landing by Serge Martin, SABCA test pilot February 26, 1970, translated by Serge Bonfond
Mission 648 - no contact flame-out December 6, 1965 near Narwik, Norway; by Flugsicherheit Bundeswehr 2012 (German)
Ode to the Starfighter - CF-104 operation in the Cold War area; by Bill McWilliams
Zipping the surly bonds with a ZIP by Gen Robert Messerli, chief of Training Analysis and Development Branch, Luke AFB
F-104D Flight Manual
F-104B - History of 57-1303 "Howling Howland" history of NASA F-104B 819 - by Christopher T. Carey, Crew Chief
USAF - Tennessee ANG Berlin Crisis 1961 by Michael E. Weaver, Air University, Maxwell AFB.
Starfighter - Record Breaking Flights Combat Aircraft Monthly 11.2013
Sale of the Century A reappraisal of the procurement of the F-104 Starfighter, by Tom Moore
Starfighter in Vietnam-bad news for MiG pilots Combat Aircraft, by Warren Thompson
Dead Stick landing by Serge Martin, SABCA test pilot February 26, 1970; Flugsicherheit Bundeswehr 2012 (German)
NF-104A manual - technical and performance data
Lockheed - The story of the Starfighter - Lockheed press book with technical details
Jabara -A Fighter Pilots Airplane - Lt. Col. James Jabara, USAF, 337th Fighter Interceptor Squadron; AFM 1960
Mach 2 Fighter for the USAF - Flight 1956
F-104S ASA-M Flight Manual - TO 1F-104(S)ASA-M 1966
Luke classes and Instructor Pilots - class photos with names of classes 65H - 82D, by "Mattes" Haas (CSS)
German Commanders: WC's,CO's - Führungspersonal - "Deutsche Starfighter" von Klaus Kropf, by "Mattes" Haas
Starfighter of "Starfighters Aerospace" - report from KSC, Florida in November 2015, by Hubert Peitzmeier
Detailed Report on the Lockheed F-104A Aviation Week April 1956 - photo file!
Production details of the Lockheed F-104 Aviation Week February 1958 - photo file!
CAF 427 squadron F-104 history history of the Lion Squadron during the CF-104 Era
F-104F Starfighter: Umschulung deutscher Piloten - report by Hans-Ulrich Flade, 1960 (German) pdf file
Naval Starfighters Cold War Warriers - Prowling the Baltic - German Navy air operations 2016
Tactical Aerobatics Demonstration - by "Snake" Reaves, Lockheed production test pilot
Italian Starfighters Remembered 40 years in service - by Tom Docherty - Aviation Jet News 2016
"Star and Bar" Starfighters F-104 in US service - by Warren Thompson - Aviation Jet News 2016
Luftwaffe F-104 Story F-104 in German service - by Doug Gordon - Aviation Jet News 2016
Luftwaffe training at Luke AFB 4510 Combat Crew Training Wing - 4540th CCTG history 1964
History of the early United States versions detailed data - copyright: Jirka Wagner
Lockheed F-104 Starfighter programme Initial planning of production and costs
MAP F-104 "Mutual Assistance Program" (USA) description of the Military Assist Program
Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-104 im Kampfeinsatz copyright: Usmann Shabbir (German only)
CAF-Coldwarrior Starfighter mission Canadian Nuclear Weapons, by John Clearwater
Luke "Close-Out" 1983 "Auf Wiedersehen" Supplement of "Phoenix Gazette" March 16,1983
F-104 - Milestones in the History of Aviation AIRInternational Special supplement, by EADS
Aerospace Research Pilot School Toughest Flying School in the World
Italy's Spillone-Glory days 50 years in the making
Flying the CF-104 Starfighter Air Combat, E.A.Seitz
Die Beschaffung und Produktion des Starfighters in Deutschland copyright: Georg Fischbach book (German only)
The procurement and production of the Starfighter in Germany copyright: Georg Fischbach book
Tony LeVier Story Chief Engineering Test Pilot at Lockheed - Sport Aerobatics May 2012
Canada's Starfighter from Nuclear to Conventional Bomber, by Bob McIntyre
F-104G ZELL Zero-Length take-off system
Roll-out XF-104 April 17, 1956 at Palmdale
Recollection of a Nuclear Strike Starfighter pilot
Building The Bundesluftwaffe in the aftermath if World War II
F-104G North Group production one of the 4 European production groups
ECM: electronic warfare equipment of the F-104C (from the website of the International F-104 Society)
The Ejection Seats of the F-104 (from the website "The Ejection Site") go to: Stanley/Lockheed/MBA
F-104 Unveiled portait of the XF-104; "Lockheed Star" April 17, 1956
History of the JASDF UF-104J drones
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