Technical data

This section contains technical system information about the Starfighter

F-104G cutaway (Flight magazine October 1961)
F-104G cutaway (Air International special supplement)
F-104S cutaway (International supplement)
F-104 System and operation: Bad Ass Airplane (description of procedures by a one time driver!)
General System informations by Theo Stoelinga
Engine System J-79 by Theo Stoelinga
J-79 engine animation from the Neumann Museum website of Josef Voggenreiter
Engine Auxiliary Inlet Door system of the F-104S, by Theo Stoelinga
Flight controls by Theo Stoelinga
Bleed Air Supply by Theo Stoelinga
Hydraulic System
Utility Hydraulic System
LN-3 Navigation system by Theo Stoelinga
TF-104G/F-104F Two Seater by Theo Stoelinga
Electronic Systems by Theo Stoelinga
BLC-Boundary Layer Control (Flight Controls) by Hubert Peitzmeier
Vulcan M61 machine gun
Ejection Seats of the F-104 select: Stanley/Lockheed/MB: All F-104
Engine T-2 reset by Mike Vivian, USAF F-104 pilot, Luke IP and Luftwaffe Exchange pilot
Engine B-Flaps by Walt BJ, retired USAF F-86, F102, F-104 and F-4 pilot
F-104 versions Technical data (DASA booklet)
Chaff/Flare Dispenser F-104G by Hubert Peitzmeier
LEADS 200 System Flugdatenregistriersystem (Flightdata Recorder), by Rolf Ferch (German only!)
LEADS 200 Flight Data Recorder Flight Manual GAF T.O.1F-104G
Inertial Coupling F-104 by Wolfgang Czaia (F-104 Experimental Test Pilot)
LOROP RF-104G ROCAF recce modification by Harry Prins (Zipper March 1996)
Hi-res spherical panoramas of the 'Starfighters Aerospace' fleet
The RHAW system on the F104C (from the website of the International F-104 Society)
Electrical System system wiring diagram
compiled by: Hubert Peitzmeier
update: @ May 1, 2022
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