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This section contains video links from around the world, not only about the F-104

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Starfighter "50 anni RSV" special colors 1999 Classic Jets, download: Starfighter (7.6 MB)
Red Bull Air Race 2004 Budapest you won't believe it if you haven't seen it
F-104 Starfighter - Italian Air Force select a video
F-104 Starfighter simulating an HL-10 powered landing NASA Movie collection
F-104N escort of M2-F2 test flight NASA Movie collection
Starfighter 50th anniversary 2004 Classic Jets, download:50 Jahre Starfighter, 28 MB
"The last F-104" Cervia AB, Italy 2003 videoaviation
F-104 Starfighter Shooting range Gila Bend Range, Arizona, 1968 skip bombing at 50 feet, video by Manfred Jacob
The famous "touch-roll-touch" Kapt Franšois 'Sus' Jacobs (1 Wing-350 Sqn) FX87 cn 9148
"Storia di un Mita" F-104 the myth The aviation film of Lionel Charlet is a master-piece
Starfighter - Luftwaffe low level a very demanding and unforgiving aircraft to fly
German Starfighter training in den USA 1968 by "Buddy" Beeck old Super 8 camera scenes taken at Luke AFB
"Vikings" 1986 at Sion, Switzerland "The Vikings" German Navy's Demo Team
"High Flight" with an F104 poem by FO John G. Mageey The original late night version from the 60's
Blue Angels - Cockpit Video of a Blue Angels Flight Beautiful Blue Angels footage, 7:40 min
XF-104 Starfighter First Flight First official flight of the XF-104 on March 4, 1954
F-104 ZELL project for the German Air Force (Zero Lenght Launch) thanks to Lockheed testpilot Ed Brown's daughter Devon
Captain Charles E. Tofferi, winner "William Tell Meet" 1962 William Tell was a USAF biannial aerial gunnery competition
West German F-104's of JG 71 "Richthofen" music from "Major Tom", by Peter Schilling
Mirage the French movie "Les Chevaliers du Ciel" ("Sky Fighters") Music: "Into the Fire" by Thirteen Senses
Artic Starfighter - The Photo Interceptors from Bod° During the cold war guarding the skies off Northern Norway
F-104S - The last displays at Fairford 1998-1999 video by Marc Talloen
Lockheed UF-104 JA Starfighter DRONE #01 last mission in JASDF
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