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In memoriam - getötete Starfighter Kameraden - lost pilots
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German Starfighter "Quick Reference List"
German Starfighter losses A total of 298 F-104 Starfighter were lost
German Starfighter used for the training at Luke AFB
German losses during training at Luke AFB
German F-104 survivors List of Starfighter that are preserved in Germany
German F-104 survivors outside of Germany List of Starfighter preserved outside of Germany
Starfighter "YA" of test unit "Erprobungsstelle 61" (ErpSt 61) Manching (pdf file)
All F-104 of test unit "Erprobungsstelle 61" (ErpSt 61)
History of the German Starfighter production (pdf file by DASA)
German Wings Starfighter losses
The fate of the German Starfighter
German Starfighter wings history (German version only)
F-104 of the Marineflieger (List of all F-104 operated by the Marine) (pdf file)
The 916 Starfighter puzzle (list by manufacturer)
Tactical number system until 1967 (unit system)
F-104F trainer of the Luftwaffe (list and fate of the F-104F)
German accident assessment (list of accidents, ground losses or damaged beyond repair)
The TF-104G puzzle (list by manufacturer)
Camouflage schemes (courtesy by DON COLOR)
More camouflage schemes
Some more camouflage schemes
The German Starfighter wings (operating times)
German Luftwaffe and Marine F-104 camouflage schemes (Victory Production)
J-79 engine cutaway 1968 (engine airflow)
Drawing F-104G Luftwaffe (JaboG 32 1975)
Q&A Questions and answers about the Starfighter
Drawing F-104G Marineflieger (MFG 1)
F-104G General arrangement (drawing)
The Starfighter chronology of the Luftwaffe and Marineflieger
History of CCV-F-104G (pdf file by DASA)
Luftwaffe Special Colors
Marine sea skid In 1984 a German Marine F-104 had water contact and escaped unhurt
The German Starfighter wings (wing badges) DASA booklet
F-104 versions (Technical data) DASA booklet)
F-104 cutaway (Air International special supplement)
German F-104 camouflage schemes (Air International special supplement)
German Starfighter at Luke AFB (from the website of the International F-104 Society)
Luftwaffe at Luke History of the Starfighter training at Luke AFB
Commanding Officers of F-104 units select: F-104-Infos > Infos zur F104 > [Führungspersonal Fliegende Verbände]
The procurement and production of the Starfighter in Germany Project designations
F-104_Starfighter der WTD 61 Assignement periods
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